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      Lubricating Processing Aid

      DONGLINTM Lubricating Processing Aid DL-101

      Product Descriptions:

      DonglinTM Lubricating processing aid DL-101 developed by our company is an acrylic polymer that functions as both an external lubricant and a processing aid in Vinyl. Its acrylic composition enables lubricating processing aid to provide external lubrication without imparting the incompatibility often found in Vinyl compounds containing conventional lubricants. Owing to its excellent metal release properties,it can effectively avoid adhesion between PVC melt and metal inner surface so as to avoid hot metal surface sticking and improve surface glossiness of PVC finished products.

      Typical physical properties:


      basic formulations and test conditions for the above results

      Product’s advantages:

      1.superior metal release and no plateout
      2. low dust and good fluidity
      3.lower dosage,higher efficiency and reducing out of grade products
      4.largely improve surface-glossiness of PVC finished products

      Hot metal release

      The DL-101 has excellent metal release,it can prevent hot roll sticking,without it, sticking begins after six minutes, and complete sticking occurs after eleven minutes:

      Packaging and storage:

      25kg/bag with PP valve bag and PE inner bag or 500kg/sack.
      It should be stored in cool and dry surroundings with shelf life of two years,it can be used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.


      DL-101 is recommended for all PVC applications such as PVC window profile ,PVC door,PVC fencing,PVC clear film, PVC clear sheet, PVC bottle,PVC foam board etc.
      Recommended using dosage:1.0-2.5kg per 100kg PVC resin.

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