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      ASA Resin

      DONGLINTM ASA high rubber content powder DL-G986

      Product Description:

      ASA powder DL-G986 is a ternary copolymer consisted of styrene, acrylonitrile and acrylate with the core-shell structure. The inner core is acrylate rubber and the outer shell is grafted copolymer of styrene-acrylonitrile.
      Owing to ASA DL-G986 does not contain any chemical double bond like 1,3- butadiene,so it has excellent weatherability,UV-resistance and chemical-resistance.
      It is a white powder. It can be dissolved in ketone and chloroform, but not in water and alcohol.

      Quality Specifications:

      product’s advantages:

      1. Excellent impact-resistance and low-temperature impact strength.
      2. Excellent weatherability and UV-resistance
      3. It can improve the property of melt with other polar polymer.
      4. Excellent mechanical properties ,heat-resistance,electrical-insulation,chemical-resistance.


      1. As the matrix of ASA,It can be pelletized into ASA engineering plastic(ASA capstocks) while mixing with AS resin,UV-absorber,Heat stabilizer,pigment etc.
      2. It can be used to make ASA/PC alloy
      3. It can be used as outdoor plastic impact modifier for PBT, PC,PC/PBT and PVC.

      Corresponding Grade:


      to be stored in cool and ventilated warehouse, avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


      25kg net in kraft paper bag.

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