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      For Thin PVC Foaming Sheet

      DONGLINTM PVC Foaming Regulators

      Outline of PVC foaming regulators:

      DonglinTM PVC foaming regulators developed by our company are actually acrylic processing aids and have all characteristics of acrylic processing aids. The only difference between them is that the molecular weight of foaming regulators is much more higher than that of acrylic processing aid.
      According to the different applications,our PVC foaming regulator has been divided into 4 groups:
      ● 0~8mm thin foaming board:DL-530,DL-869
      ● 8~15mm thin foaming board:DL-638,DL-668
      ● more than 15mm thick foaming board:DL-688,DL-698
      ● foaming shoes:DL-628

      Functions of PVC foaming regulators:

      There are three purposes for filling the foaming regulators into PVC foaming products:
      ● promote the fusion of PVC compound.
      ● increase the melt strength of PVC so as to prevent from bubble amalgamation for obtaining even foaming products.
      ● ensure perfect flow of PVC melt for obtaining smooth surface of PVC finished products.

      Technical specifications:

      Performance comparison list for different PVC foaming regulators:


      PVC foaming regulators are used to produce PVC foaming sheet,foaming WPC etc
      Recommend using dosage:7-15kg per 100kg PVC resin.

      Packaging and Storage:

      25kg/bag: PP valve bag with PE liner
      550kg/sack: PP bag with PE liner
      It should be stored in cool and dry surroundings, with shelf life of two years, it can be still used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.

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