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      CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene)

      DONGLINTM (Chlorinated Polyethylene) CPE 135A

      Product Descriptions:

      DonglinTM CPE 135A is a high molecular copolymer made from HDPE and chlorine with linear molecular structure,it’s a kind of thermoplastic elastomer.it has a series of excellent performance,like:heatproof, weather-proof, flame-retardancy,chemical-resistance and ozone-resistance,its basic function is to improve the weatherability and impact strength of PVC finished products.
      DONGLINTM CPE 135A developed by our company owns with excellent elongation rate at break and lower hardness,displaying outstanding toughness therefore it can largely increase the impact strength and ductility of PVC finished products.

      Physical & chemical index:

      Product’s advantages:

      1. Excellent elongation rate at break and ductibility
      2. Excellent compatibility with PVC resin
      3. Good weather-resistance
      4. Inherent flame-retardancy
      5. Excellent heatproof,chemical-resistance and oil-resistance.
      6. Excellent acceptance of high filler levels

      Packing and storage

      25kg/bag with PP bag and PE inner bag
      or 550kg/sack PP bag with PE liner
      It should be stored in cool and dry surroundings
      with shelf life of two years,
      it can be used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.


      CPE 135A is recommended for applications such as PVC window profile ,PVC door and fencing where good outdoor weathering and low-temperature impact resistance are critical.
      Recommended using dosage:8.0-12.0kg per 100kg PVC resin.

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