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      Transparent Processing Aid

      DONGLINTM Acrylic Processing Aid DL-20

      Product Description:

      DonglinTM DL-20 developed by our R&D Center is a unique PVC processing aid, it is designed to improve the process property of rigid and flexible PVC formulations , in addition , DONGLINTM DL-20 has good flowability and dispersion , it can efficiently improve surface glossiness of PVC final products,it is used to produce all kinds of PVC products,especially for PVC transparent proudcs with high clarity needs owing to its faster fusion time and good flowability.

      Typical physical properties:

      Products advantages:

      1.excellent dispersion and good clarity for PVC final products
      2.Superior fusion-promotion property
      3.More homogenous melt and good compatibility with PVC resin.
      4.high output rate
      5.promoted the surface-gloss of PVC finished products


      25kg/bag with PP valve bag with PE liner
      or 600kg/sack PP bag with PE liner.


      DonglinTM DL-20 is used to produce all PVC products, especially suitable for clear applications, such as extruded sheet and calender film etc.

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