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                Unique Processing Aid
                Lubricating Processing Aid
                General Processing Aid
                Transparent Processing Aid
                SAN Processing Aid
                MBS Impact Modifier
                CPE (Chlorinated Polyethyle
                CGA series Impact Modifier
                Acrylic Impact Modifier
                For Thin PVC Foaming Sheet

      Our R&D Center
      Currently our R&D Center has 45 staff and is equipped with more than 50 sets of advanced test instruments like small Extruder, Rheometer, Gas Chromatograph, Gel Permeation Chromatograph, Differential Scanning Calorimeter and Particle Size Analyser,Compression Molder and Opening Double Roll Mill etc.
      1.our R&D fields:
      acrylic processing aid
      acrylic impact modifier
      PVC foaming regulator
      CGA impact modifier
      MBS impact modifier
      ASA resin
      Internal/external lubricant
      Other engineering plastic additives
      2.our R&D Center’s function
      our R&D Center can freely provide the below services for our customers.
      2-1:develop the new materials
      2-2:copy the materials based on incoming sample
      2-3:assist our customers to detect the performance of their products
      2-4:make the test reports according to the clients’ need
      2-5:provide training to technicians from our clients

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